GHM to Port Augusta - Part 1 - 2010

Denis and Colleen - Free camping on the Road 
Free camping near Kingaroy 2009

May to August 2010

Trip via Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Alice Springs, Jabiru and return via Mount Isa,
 Charters Towers to Glass House Mountains

Galaxy Southern Cross 4 18'6" Caravan and Navara Dual Cab ST-X serviced and packed.   All caravan systems tested via AC, gas and generator.  104 Tac Sign installed.

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2010 Caravan Trip - Part 1 - Home to Port Augusta

Map 1

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4-5 May
Start from Home to Yarramalong Weir (Camps 5, Site 726), Queensland

Arrived after driving up the range from Esk to Toowoomba in heavy cloud.  Also had problems locating the Weir as GPS not recorded correctly on Oz Free Camping Web Site.  Will check Camps 5 info.  My Navman reading for Weir Free Camp is -27.5009S  151.2700E
Photo on right taken at Yarramalong Weir.  Our caravan is in the centre distance.
Yarramalong Weir - Free camping
5-7 May
Narrabri Show Grounds (Camps 5, Site 907), New South Wales

Heavy fog on leaving the Weir at 8am for first half hour.  Good driving remainder of the day and arrived at Show Grounds about 2:30pm.
All OK with caravan and we don't appear to have forgotten anything!  Missy and Maggie travelling very well at present and are happy in their doggie pen.  6 deg in Narrabri morning 6 May!!!  2.7 deg the next morning @@#$@  Caravan battery charger U/S and small unit purchased so we can maintain battery charge for lights, water pump, etc.  Will have to arrange repair when we get to Jabiru.
Photos below and right taken in Narrabri
Colleen resting in the sun
Missy and Maggie in their doggie pen CISRO Radio Telescopes Cockatoos Denis on dunny duty
7-8 May
Warren - Sandy Creek (Camps 5, Site 440), New South Wales

Rest area camp site with a few overnighters.  One 5th wheeler, one bus and us.  Nice camp fire and drinks from 4pm.  No TV signal but test (Australia/NZ) is on radio.

Photo on right taken at Sandy Creek
Sandy Creek
8-10 May
Cobar Caravan Park, New South Wales

Arrive just after lunch.  Very nice Caravan Park.  No TV signal as the stations in the area use vertical transmissions and the caravan uses a wingard antenna system, which can only receive horizontal signals.
Quite day for Mothers day with Gran having Breakfast in bed.  Also had did a bake meal (First in the caravan) and it was very good.

Photo on Right.  Grand having Breakfast in bed on Mothers day with the girls.  Others below taken in Cobar.
Gran on Mothers Day at Cobar
Gold Mine Gold Mine Gold Mine Colleen at Cobar
10-11 May
Spring Hill Rest Area Camps 5, Site 1064), New South Wales

Nice little stop road stop about six vans spending the night at the site.  No FM Radio or TV Signals and the mobile 3G network just working from the road front of the rest area.  Rang Nathan for birthday but call drop in and out.

Photo on right taken at Spring Hill
Spring Hill Rest Area
11-16 May
Broken Hill City CP, New South Wales

11 May - Arrived OK however little bit of a head wind, which is not good for towing and the hip pocket.  Great looking town and the first job was a bath for Missy and Maggie plus the weekly shopping.  Washing  on Wednesday morning and then some sightseeing!
12 May - Town sightseeing, the living desert and sculpture symposium, Pro Hart Art Gallery and the Mines Memorial (approx 800 have been killed in Broken Hill since the mining started!).
13 May - Visited Mundi Mundi Lookout and Silverton (Location of the filming of Max 2 and other films).  Also the Jack Absalom Art Gallery.  We both met Jack at his Gallery (Great old fellow).
14 May - Heritage drive around Broken Hill.  Lots of old buildings from the late 1880's.  Did a walk around the shopping centre with M & M in the afternoon and replaced my camp chair that broke after 38 years of service!
15 May - Visited two more Art Galleries and marched in the afternoon with the 1RAR Veterans from the Battle of Coral.

Photos below and right taken in and around Broken Hill
Note: 15 May - Battle of Coral Service at VV Memorial (166 Crystal St) between 4-5pm
Denis at the desert sculptures

Miners Memorial
Desert sculptures The big bench seat and two little doggies (M & M) living desert Outside Silverton Pub with the Mad Max Car
Taken from Mundi Mundi Lookout Colleen inside the Silverton Pub
Marching with 1RAR Coral Group Marching with 1RAR Coral Group Marching with 1RAR Coral Group Marching with 1RAR Coral Group
16-18 May
Mildura River Road CP, Victoria

16 May - Easy drive with lite rain from Broken Hill to Mildura via Wentworth.  Stopped at Wentworth to view the junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers.
17 May - Looked around Mildura.

Photos below and right taken in and around Mildura
Junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers
Washing the front of the caravan Wentworth garden at the River junction Murray River from of Caravan Park Colleen, Maggie & Missy at the River junction
18-19 May
Waikerie CP, South Australia

Waikerie in the riverland - Where the hell are we!!!

Photo on right taken in Waikerie
Where the hell is Waikerie!!!
19-24 May
Highway One Caravan & Tourist Park CP, Bolivar, South Australia

19 May - Arrived Adelaide mid day and first task was a bath for M & M at the doggie washing.  Both dogs were starting to look and smell like dirt bags!  Also did some washing and arrange to see John and Di tomorrow.
20 May - Visited our friends from the Army days, John and Di at their lovely house in the Adelaide Hills.
21 May - M & M in Kennel and we flew to Melbourne, as Nathan and April are getting married tomorrow.  Met our new Grandkid, Tyler.  He is now a Bronco kid!  Stay with Nathan and April, with Paul and Sarah came over for a drink or two in the evening.  Bloody cold in Melbourne!
22 May - April and Nathan were married in a lovely service.  Caught up with our old Army friends Alf and Lyn.  Also saw our old house in Warralong Ave, Watsonia.  Still cold in Melbourne!
23 May - Flew back to Adelaide, pick up a very happy M & M to continue our journey up the centre to Sharon, Mr T and the Pieman.  M & M cannot wait to see Star!  Rain and windy overnight.

Photo on right Maggie at the doggie wash -Missy next!  Also on right M & M waiting to go to the kennel - Not happy Jan!
Photos below Adelaide and Melbourne.
Notes: Missy and Maggie in Kennel.  Nathan and April getting married (22 May)
Maggie having a bath at the Doggie Wash in Adelaide

M & M waiting to go to the Kennel - Not happy Jan!
John, Di, Colleen & Denis Gran and Tyler April and Nathan Wedding - L-R Tyler, Shawn, Nathan, April & Suzie April and Nathan Wedding - Signing the Cert
April and Nathan Wedding - Tyler's old Grandparents April and Nathan Wedding - Alf, Lyn, Colleen & Denis April and Nathan Wedding - Both Families  with the new Mr & Mrs Hare April and Nathan Wedding - Paul & Sarah
24-25 May
Port Augusta Shoreline CP

Good trip up to Port Augusta.  Trip so far - travelled 3411km, using 631 litres of diesel (18.36 litres per 100km average).

End Trip Part 1.  Next "Part 2 - Port Augusta to Jabiru", see below.
Old boat in the Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta, with Flinders Rangers in the back ground
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