Tasmania - Part 1 - 2012

(Glass House Mountains to Melbourne  via Canberra)

Denis and Colleen - Free camping on the Road
Free camping at Taylor Creek, near Barrow Creek, NT 2010

2012 Caravan Trip - Part 1 - GHM to Melbourne

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After many months of planning we are ready to hit the road again!   Had a little last minute problem with a key part of the caravan, the dunny!   Had to make a quick trip to Brisbane to pick up new blade part to repair.  Dunny fixed OK and we are ready to go!   Could have been a shitty problem if the blade had of broken on the road!  However its raining heavily, which is not good for travelling towing 2.3 tons behind the Tug!
Ready to travel but its raining!
17/18 Jan 2012
Heavy rain all day and overnight.  Travelled further than planned and got to Coffs Harbour.   Free camp on at the Coffs Harbour Jetty (Camps 5, Site 48) not really located but camped near the Fishing Club on the Harbour.   Rainbow in the morning suggesting a promise of no more rain!
Coffs Harbour near the Jetty - A promise from about that it will stop raining!
18/19 Jan 2012
Still got lots of rain as we travelled South until after lunch but it  started to clear the further South we travelled in the afternoon.  Also travelled further than planned and was at the planned third night area on day two, when we we ready to stop!  Camps 5 gave Sites124 and 125 near Morisset a good review however after 10km of dirt road up a mountain, we were not that impressed, so headed down to Camps 5 Site 129 but it was marked wrongly and is for day use only -  no camping!  Found our way to the Lake Macquarie Village Caravan Park, Morisset and it turned out great! 

Lesson:  Free camping near major cities is not really an option and forget sites marked on long dirt roads!
Dinner after a few stressed hours looking for camp site!
19/20 Jan 2012
Rain cleared and we travelled by freeways through Sydney onto Canberra.  We had booked into the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) as there was little room for the caravan at the front of Nathan and April's plus Canberra Caravan Parks are not Pet friendly.  Arrived and setup and very happy with our little spot in Canberra.  M & M very happy also with the camp site under the tree.  However not happy with the trotters training each morning!  Nathan, April and Tyler well and eagerly waiting the arrival of the little girl!
Camp Site in Canberra at EPIC until mid Feb!
20 Jan to 15 Feb 2012 - With Nathan, April, Tyler and baby Girl
Made it to Nathan, April and Tyler Hi from Tyler - M & M can we come in, we are little people, not dogs! Training to beat Nathan - M & M made it inside! Tyler and Colleen with the Tank at the AWM
Tyler with Pop's unit plaque at the AWM - 2/1 Inf Bn Tyler in the AWM  with the Vietnam Display Tyler on the Bridge of Vietnam Veteran HMAS Brisbane Tyler and Gran with Simpson and his Donkey
Tyler - Karate Kid 50 cent blanks being tipped into the machine by the robot "Titan" at the Mint! Nathan, April and Tyler at the Mint Tyler and the Sad Eye Bear at the Canberra Zoo
Lion at the Canberra Zoo Lemur with young at the Canberra Zoo Tasmanian Devil's at the Canberra Zoo National Australia Museum with Bob and Mary
Baby Details New Family April, Jasmine and tyler Nathan and Jasmine
Tyler and Jasmine Gran and Jasmine First Baby Job Jasmine Sophie Hare - First Day
Tyler and Jasmine Granddad and Jasmine Jasmine first Bath Tony, Tup, Colleen and Denis
Uncle Joe and Jasmine Aunty Mardie with Jasmine Aunty Ashley and Friend with Jasmine Lolo, Lola, Tyler with Jasmine
Feast at Nathan and April Feast at Nathan and April Talking with Family Both Parents and Family Friend
15/16 Feb 2012
Back on the road after a great stay with Nathan, April, Tyler and the new Baby "Jasmine".  Sad to leave but excited to finally be head towards Tasmania - with a quick visit to see our old Army friends, Alf'ee Boy and Lyn.
Camped at the Wodonga Showgrounds after visiting, the small town of Holbrook, to see 'HMAS Otway' high and dry!
Wodonga Showgrounds
Plaque on HMAS Otway Smile Maggie This is a big boat Missy! HMAS Otway at Holbrook
16/18 Feb 2012
Arrived at Alf'ee Boy and Lyn's place in Tocumwal, NSW on the Murray River. Lovely Town!  Lots of free camping on the Murray River.  Tocumwal has an interesting history having a large RAAF and USAF Base during the WW2 and was home for many B-24 Liberator Bombers plus had a paratrooper training school during the that war.   A number of Ex Sigs have made the town their home.
Tocumwal Rail Bridge
Catching up at Alf and Lyn's Place Guess who likes Alf! Purple Colleen and the Purple Wombat Denis, Alf and Colleen at the Purple Wombat, Tocumwal
Lyn, Alf, Denis and Colleen enjoying the delights at the Purple Wombat Colleen and Lyn at the Tocumwal Railway Bridge Self photo on the Tocumwal Railway Bridge Lyn, Denis and Colleen on the Tocumwal Railway Bridge
19 Feb 2012
Travelled to Melbourne and arrived safely via the freeways at the Todd Rd Service Centre (Southside), which is near the departure point of the Spirit of Tasmania (4km).    We parked in the truck bays until boarding time and run the generator from the back of the vehicle to keep the frig's cold and to heat our TV dinners.  Worked well and there was some grass around the centre, that I could give M & M a good walk.
Waiting at the Service Centre
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