Jabiru to GHM - Part 4 - 2010

Denis and Colleen - Free camping on the Road
Free camping near Kingaroy 2009
May to August 2010

Trip via Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Alice Springs, Jabiru and return via Mount Isa,
Charters Towers to Glass House Mountains.

2010 Caravan Trip - Part 4 - Jabiru to GHM Map

Map 4

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20-21 July (1 Day)
South of Katherine - King River Rest Area
(Camps 5  Site 132) (328km)

Started the trip home after Mr T and the Pieman went to school plus Sharon off to work.  It's hard leaving but it's time to head home!  Our last evening in Jabiru was a lovely red sunset (Bush fires in Kakadu).

Nice drive down to Katherine, where we stocked up to get us to Mt Isa.  Bonus at the Woolworths Petrol Station with 10c off per litre ($1.25L).  Also filled up the new extra 20L fuel container that is mounted on the back of the caravan for emergencies (Lesson from trip up).  Well done Dad - you must of picked up the fuel special by shopping over the weekend!

Photo on the right - caravan on Sharon's front lawn ready to leave Jabiru in the morning with the red sunset!
Out the front - ready to leave in the morning!

Red sunset at Jabiru!
21-22 July (1 Day)
Daly Waters Pub (274km)

Dropped in and checked out the Larrimah "Pink" Outback Pub.  Larrimah was a major WW2 site, which included airfields, hospital and the railway into Darwin.  Troops (20,000) were trucked from Alice Springs up the then dirt track to bridge the railway lines, overnighting at Barrow Creek and Banka Banka along the way.

We are camped next to the Daly Waters Outback Pub, which is a hoot!  Enjoy dinner in the historical pub and the chook man doing his thing! 

The nights are getting colder as we head South!

Photos from Outback Pub's at Larrimah and Daly Waters
Dinning and being entertained  in the Daly Waters Outback Pub
Morning tea stop in down town Larrimah - Remains of Petrol Station in background! Front of Larrimah "Pink" Outback Pub Bar in the Larrimah "Pink" Outback Pub Special bar seat - Larrimah "Pink" Outback Pub
Ladies dunny - Daly Waters Outback Pub Some of the items at the Daly Waters Outback Pub The chook at the Daly Waters Outback Pub Trafic lights at the Daly Waters Outback Pub
22-23 July (1 Day)
Banka Banka (270km)

Night at Banka Banka, first cattle station in NT and WW2 base.  Great lawns for camping and best water in NT (Spring) and as much as you need!

Photo on right taken on rocky hill at Banka Banka
Banka Banka Homestead and Camp
23-24 July (1 Day)
Avon Downs Rest Area - Camps 5 Site 1
(Overlanders Way - 382km)

Good camp site and not over crowded.  Police station cross the road from the site.  We had a camp fire which M & M enjoyed.

Photo on right slowing M & M travel arrangements
We there yet!
24-26 July (2 Days)
Mount Isa - Moondarra CP (Overlanders Way - 274km)

Arrived safely after lunch but the first two caravan parks that will taken dogs were booked out!  Last park - third time lucky!

Interesting the road between Mount Isa and The Three Ways (Stuart Highway) was built during WW2.  Also we visited the underground Hospital in Mount Isa which was also built during WW2 to protect the parents in the Mount Isa Hospital if bombed.

Frig in caravan had 240VAC function repaired under warranty.  Also pick up a nail in one of the Navara front tyres which was repaired. 

Photos on right and below taken in Mount Isa
Mount Isa from City Lookout
Colleen in the WW2 underground Hospital  WW2 underground Hospital - Part not restored Gran & Grandad in Mount Isa Check were we have come and where we are going!
26-28 July (2Days)
Cloncurry CP (Overlanders Way - 119km)

Town bigger then we thought - will enjoy a lookie!  John Flynn Place Museum & Art Gallery very interesting.  M & M enjoyed the walk at Chinaman Creek Dam and Reservoir.

Photo on right taken at Chinaman Creek Dam and Reservoir
Chinaman Creek Dam and Reservoir
28-29 July (1 Day)
Julia Creek CP (Overlanders Way - 137km)

Interesting but little to look at!  Overnight stay only.
Maggie and her car buddy, Grandad
29- 31 July (2 Days)
Richmond Lakeview CP (Overlanders Way - 144km)

Great camp site beside Lake Fred Tritton.  Check out Kronosaurus Korner and what a great collection of marine fossils that were unearthed in the surrounding rugged landscape.  This would be a great place to take Mr T for a Capt Cook!  Also serve great pies Pieman! 

States highest temp (36.1Deg) today (30 Jul) in Richmond and can confirm, it was bloody hot!

Photo on right is Missy padding in the lake.  Below taken in Richmond and Hughenden.
Come on Maggie - No Croc here!
Lake in Richmond - early morning Err needs dental work - Richmond Fossil at Richmond Gran checking out a Muttaburrasaurus
31-3 Aug (3 Days)
Charters Towers Tourist Park (Overlanders Way - 370km)

Arrived Charters Towers after having a quick lookie in Hughenden and deciding not to stay overnight. 

The spare fuel saved the day!  We pull into Penland (Trip meter 270km) to refuel and diesel pump U/S.  Continue on to Balfes Creek (Trip meter 327km) and service station had run out of diesel.  No problem, used the spare 20lt jerry can of diesel to get us to Charters Towers (Trip meter 365km).

1 Aug - Did the Town tour using the audio CD guide from Visitor Info Centre.  More WW2 History, as lots of Military personal station in the area during the war.  Great and M & M enjoyed!  Then watched the Broncos beat St George on TV.
2 Aug - Visited the Venus Gold Battery, which is the largest surviving battery relic in Australia.  Very interesting but it has ghosts!  Also did a walk around the old shopping area, which M & M enjoyed.

Photos on right and below taken in Charters Towns
Made it to Charters Towers

WW2 Bunker on Towers Hill, Charters Towers
Old buildings in main street, Charters Towers Venus Gold Battery, Charters Towers Venus Gold Battery, Charters Towers Old machinery at the Venus Gold Battery, Charters Towers
3-4 Aug (1 Day)
Clermont CP - Camps 5 Site 422 (Great Inland Way - 370km)

Good driving to Clermont down the Gregory Development Rd.  Arrived at 2pm and had a quite afternoon.  However the weather will be colder tonight, now that we are moving South!

4 deg in morning at Clermont and the little heater stuffed up!  Shih Tzu bed warmers jump in a 4am and did a great job!
Missy and her car buddy, Gran
4-5 Aug (1 Day)
Injune - Camps 5 Site860 (Great Inland Way - 412km)

Another good driving day.  Road (Carnarvon Development Road) not that good, being narrow and a little bumpy in places.  Also some road works.  Replacement heater located in Springsure!
Mountain pass on the Carnarvon Development Road - Carcam
5-7 Aug (2 Days)
Oakey Creek - Camps 5 Site 620 (Warrego Highway - 386km)

Arrived and setup by 3:30pm.  Great camp site by the creek.

Friday (6 Aug) had a quite day with a heavy Southey Wind!  Saturday morning it was Zero Deg with lots of jack frost!

Photos on the right - First is morning sunrise Friday and second is jack frost on Saturday morning at sunrise!
Oakey Creek Free Camp - Eat your heart out, Alf!

Sunrise - Jack frost!
7-8 Aug (1 Day)
Toowoomba (Warrego Highway - 50km)

Spending weekend with Nathan, April and Tyler.
Arrived at Nathan, April and Tyler - Poor caravan parking!
Gran, Tyler and the Wii M & M meeting Tyler New Kakadu shirt - Thanks Sharon and Boys Nathan, April, Tyler and Gran!
8 Aug
Home (via Esk and Kilcoy - 195km)

Home pm and house and yard looks good.  M & M are enjoying their backyard after 3 months on the road.

Total trip fuel stats (Part 1, 2 , 3 and 4)
15,202km travelled
2662 litres of diesel used
17.69 litres per 100km
Home in the mountains
Click on Photos for larger view
 Photos for larger view
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