William Hare

2/1st Infantry Battalion, 6 DIV, AIF

Shoulder Patch of the 2/1 Inf Bn, 6 Div, AIF

 William Hare in Army uniform during WW2     William Hare ANZAC Day 2000

Brief Service Overview

NX47118 William Hare enlisted into the AIF on the 26th August 1940 and was a member of the 2/1st Battalion, 6th Division, AIF for most of his service (almost 6 years) during the Second World War. 

He was inducted into Camp at Manilla Road, Tamworth, where initial training was carried out.

Sailed from Sydney on 4th February 1941 on SS Aquitania to Bombay, India where was transferred to Dutch Ship Slamaat and disembarked in Egypt 16th March 1941.

Carrier Company on Parade

Served North Africa, Egypt, Palestine and Syria as Driver Mechanic on Bren Gun Carriers with 2/1st Infantry Battalion, AIF.

Embarked Middle East 12th March 1942 and sailed to Colombo, Ceylon on SS Uffington Court.  He spend four months in Ceylon doing Jungle Training and under the threat of invasion.

Left Ceylon on the Devonshire, 7th July 1942.  Celebrated 21st Birthday one week from Perth.  Arrived in Melbourne 8th August 1942.  Sailed from Brisbane for Port Moresby on the Anhui, 29th September 1942.

William  Hare repairing Bren Gun Carrier in Syria during WW2

Detached from 2/1st Battalion to 16th Brigade Carrier Company to operate coastal patrols east of Port Moresby.

2/1st Inf Bn Carriers on Patrol

The 2/1st Battalion campaign was over by Christmas, but the 16th and 17th Brigade Carrier Company's (minus carriers) were given a special task to hold the Aerodrome and valley at Wau-Mubo as 'Kanga Force' with 17th Brigade Infantry Battalions and Independent Companies (Commandos).

They were flown over the mountains at Kokoda by American Air Force and operated as Machine Gun Units.

Group of 2/1 Inf Bn including William Hare

Wau is 150 miles north of Port Moresby and was wanted desperately by the large Japanese force that landed at Salamaua and Lae.  Wau was vital to Australian and American Forces.

Flown out when task was completed and sailed on Duntroon 11th May 1943 to Cairns and rejoined 6th Division training on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland.

Trained with 6th Division Carrier Company until 3rd July 1944, then rejoined 2/1st Battalion.  Sailed on the 9th December from Cairns on the Van Heutz and landed Aitape, New Guinea 15th December 1944.

Walked with 9 Section, 9 Platoon, A Company as Section Leader and Forward Scout from Aitape to Wewak and swam some big rivers with many trips to hospital and anxious moments along the way. 

Embarked on the Katoomba at Wewak 13th October 1945 and landed Brisbane 26th October 1945.  Discharged 10th November 1945 in Sydney.

Served for a total effective period of 1903 days (1077 outside Australia), which included active service.

Dad pass away on the 9 July2011 and is sadly missed by us all

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